OPTIONS and features
        Attenuators-  3-position -3, -6 & -9 db attenuator internally mounted on recessed panel. Weber MASS attenuator is also a great choice. Here is a link.

        Back Panels- Removable panels standard on T-Rex and Raptor. Optional on all others.
Casters- Many different sizes of casters are available and caster wells can be installed to allow stacking of multiple cabinets. Rubber feet are standard.

        Construction- 3/4" 13 ply Void-free Baltic Birch     1/2" 11 ply Birch    3/4" MDF

Coverings-    Mojo Musical Supply is covering Jurassic Cabs. Here is a link to                                 their selections.
                                They also supply the grill cloth. Here's that link.

Handles- Jurassic Cabs standard is recessed handles, but any type you wish can be installed.

Jacks- Jurassic Cabs uses Switchcraft mil-spec 1/4" jacks, Gold-plated is optional. Sealed covers can be ordered. 

Layouts- T-Rex and Raptor cab be designed as vertical cabinets or horizontal cabinets. They can also be casters on the side (horizontal) and Feet on the bottom (vertical)

        Speakers- While Juraasic Cabs primarily reccomends Celestion Speakers, you may specify any speaker type you wish. Jurassic will have to select the proper ohmage for the desired end result. Even vintage speakers can be obtained at market value.

Wiring- Jurassic Cabs uses Monster 10 and 12 gauge Oxygen-free cable, but you may specify any type you wish provided it is adequate for the current being used.  Silver wire with 3% Silver solder can also be used for an additional fee.


In order to properly custom-engineer your Jurassic Cab, Please answer these questions regarding your preference in tone. Click for tone survey.