1x12" wedge Guitar cabinet
        Jurassic Cabs Ankylosaur is a perfect cost-effective solution to stage volume problems. It can be placed directly next to the stage monitors and allow you to hear your instrument without blaring across the stage and creating other problems. Guitar, Keys, Acoustic instruments and even Bass (when using the correct speaker) can be wired in and adjusted with the built-in stepped attenuator. This is the perfect cabinet for a front person who often has their stage monitor loaded up with too many sounds. Ankylosaur's design allows it to have 2 completely different angles, one for close-in and another for further out.

        As all JURASSIC CABS are, Ankylosaur has all the quality and durability of it's siblings and is custom engineered to meet each client's perference in tone, wattage and ohmage. Many custom colors and grillclothes are available.

        The Jurassic WEDGES represent a new concept in stage cabinet design and make your stage performance MUCH more comfortable without making anyone else uncomfortable!