Welcome to a new dimension is stage cabinet approaches! Jurassic Cabs ALLOSAUR is a floor-wedge design that will put your sound WHERE you need it! While nothing sounds like a full-sized cabinet, you still need to be able to hear yourself properly onstage and this cabinet will deliver excellent tone to exactly where it matters most!

        The Allosaur is a 2x12" wedge-type cabinet with a built-in stepped attenutator. It is designed to work with a full-sized cabinet without having to run it at blistering volumes onstage. The attenuator will allow you to balance your wedge volume with your stage cabinet for more coverage onstage without more volume.

        Since the Allosaur is made from the same high-quality components as all Jurassic Cabs are, you can expect it to sound BETTER than almost any 2x12" cabinet made. You could easily use it as your main cabinet without a sacrifice in tone. It can be run at two different angles for closeup or distant placements.

        The Allosaur feature a switchable attenuator with -3, -6, -9 settings, dual input jacks and a jumper output to supply signal to an additional cabinet before the attenuator. Choice include speaker/ohmage preferences, colors and grillcloths.
        The Allosaur is the perfect solution to stage volume problems and will deliver nothing but the best of your tone!
2x12" wedge
Guitar cab