6x12" convertable Guitar cabinet
        Jurassic Cabs T-Rex is not your ordinary creature, it is a flexible guitar cabinet that can be run as a 6x12" Mono, 2x12"+4x12" Dual Mono, 4x12" stereo+2x12" mono, 2x12", 4x12" or just about any other configuration because of it's open-architecture wiring design: EACH PAIR ARE INDIVIDUALLY JACKED!!! In addition to the wiring configurations, the top pair is baffled and has removable panels to run open-back, half-back or closed back! There has never been a more revolutionary guitar cabinet in the history of music!

There are several advantages to this design.

1. You can RECONFIGURE without opening the cabinet!
2. Use as MANY speakers or as FEW as you need!
3. Load them with DIFFERENT PAIRS for different tones!
4. Change tones by REMOVING top-pair PANELS!
5. Wire in attenuators on ANY or ALL PAIRS!
6. Individually dual-jacked pairs get MORE CURRENT!
7. 18" deep cabinets produce MORE LOW-END!

        T-Rex is made from the FINEST materials available! 18" deep 3/4" 13-ply void-free Baltic Birch construction with 1/2" 11-ply back and interior baffles, 12-gauge Oxygen-free cable, Switchcraft jacks, recessed handles, large rubber feet and your choice of many custom colors and grill options.

        Every cabinet is custom-engineered to meet each client's perference of tone and configurations. Your choice of speakers, ohmages, and attenuator options make Jurassic Cabs THE ONLY CHOICE FOR CUSTOM TONE!

        T-Rex is also available in a two-piece design with the top pair as a separte cabinet for easier handling and choices of casters are available as well. T-Rex can be setup as a vertical or horizontal cabinet!


T-Rex is the BEST guitar cabinet in the world!!!