2x12" Angled
Bottom Cab
        Jurassic Cabs HELICOPRION is the most unusual 2x12" cabinet ever designed for combo amps. It's upward angle puts the tone where you need it AND elevates your combo amp to where it can be heard better! This is accomplished by making the bottom of the cabinet larger than the top and forcing an angle to the bottom pair that rarely gets heard onstage. The larger interior dimensions of the cabinet create more low-end and cabinet resonance for a large, warm tone!  The slight angle is designed to focus the speakers at ear-level around 8'-12' where it will be most useful. Similar in concept to a "tilt-cab", but much more because it also elevates your primary combo cabinet for better coverage as well! The Helicoprion can be used to either make your tone LOUDER, or BETTER, (or BOTH) depending on how you would like it engineered. In addition to the above, Helicoprion can also be used as a wedge-type cabinet by requesting the side-mounted jack option.
        Helicoprion comes in four models, the "B" (Boogie-style), the "F" (Fender-style), "M" (Marshall-style) and the "S" (Stack) for elevating 4x12 cabinets. All four have Jurassic convertable back panels for closed or halfback configurations, heavy-gauge oxygen-free wiring, and choices of cabinet construction. Since the Helicoprion is a 2-speaker design, it has dual jacks for stereo inputs, and a switch for serial or parallel wiring to make the best use of ohmage possibilties.


        The "B": This model is designed to work with the Dual Rectifier Combo and other larger combos. It has a large footprint that will accomodate the combo being placed directly on top of it. It is constructed with 13 ply Baltic Birch and can be loaded with any speaker of your choice, although higher wattages are reccomended for larger amps.

        The "F": This model has a smaller footprint to match up with older style Fender amps and has all the Jurassic features you'd expect with convertable panels and premium wiring. It is made from PINE rather than Birch for a more authentic vintage tone and Oxford/Weber/CTS/Tone Tubby AlNiCo are the preferred choice of speakers.

        The "M": The medium footprint cabinet matches well with Marshall combos and is 13-ply Baltic Birch and premium wired with convertable panels. Low-wattge Celestions are an excellent choice for this version.

        The "S" model is a larger footprint cab that is designed to work with your 4x12" cabinet. It can give your existing rig an inverted "T-Rex" look to it and really open up your possibilites of tone! This would be the alpha-male Helicoprion, not for the faint of heart!

        All of the above models can be mixed/matched to your specs, so if you have an unusual combo and need to match it up, the dimensions can be adjusted. As with all Jurassic Cabs, your choices of tolex and grillcloth can match your present combo.

This cabinet is CRAZY!