Jurassic Cabs Demo Questionnaire

1.        What kind of guitar do you play?

2.        What kind of pickups do you use?

3.        Wireless or corded?

4.        What kind of effects do you use?

5.        What kind of amp do you use?

6.        Is it solid state or tube?

7.        What ohmage do you prefer?

8.        What kind and many connections does the amp's output have?

9.        What kind of cabinet do you use?

10.        How many speakers and what ohmage?

11.        What style of music do you play?

12.        Do you play lead or rhythm?

13.         Who are you influences?

14.         Do you prefer a modern or classic tone?

15.         What do you like most about your tone?

16.        What would you change about your tone?

17.         Who's tone impresses you most?

18.         Are having any difficulties with your cabs/speakers?